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Atelier van Lieshout retrospective

The Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen presents Das Haus (The House), the retrospective of Atelier Van Lieshout which opens on 12 September 2008.

By Jeanne Tan / 10-09-2008

Independence, the individual vs. the collective, sex and power, utopia and dystopia; all under one roof.

From 12 September 2008 until 11 January 2009 The Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen will host a large retrospective of the work of Atelier van Lieshout (AVL). 'Das Haus' will show works ranging from the early 80's until today in several thematic spaces, and artworks from different periods will be brought together in new relationships.

In an interview with Julia Bulk for the exhibition catalogue Joep van Lieshout says, 'Each work of art is an individual work, but the work is also part of a bigger series of works. For me all works of AVL tell one big ‘Saga’. Therefore it’s important to me that the works in Aachen are exhibited and shown in close relationship to each other. Even the early works from the 80s are part of this history and are still current.' Van Lieshout's work encompasses art, architecture and design, and he is perhaps most well-known for his brightly coloured mobile homes, his free state AVL-Ville and oversized sculptures of human organs.

Main image: Autocrat 1998
Image: Mercedes with 57 mm canon 1998
Image: Mini Modular Brothel 20 units 2006
Image: Operation 2008

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