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5 Minutes with Jeroen Wand

Experiments with paper have led him to be part of the Invertuals exhibition where he now shows off his latest experiment with wood veneer. caught up with Jeroen Wand in Milan.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 24-04-2012

How many times have you visited Milan and what are your thoughts on the Salone?

This is my seventh time, I’ve shown my work here twice, once in 2006 and now here at Invertuals. In Milan, the more you show your work, the more people will understand and appreciate it.

Where are you presenting in Milan this year?

Next to the Biotopes shown at the Spring exhibition I am part of the Dutch Invertuals show where my paper light and wood veneer table are on show. Invertuals is great because it’s not just a show, the designers get together beforehand to discuss the theme and ways to act on it. We’ve had many positive reactions to the show here in Milan, even though it’s a way out of town, people are making an effort to come up here.

Tell us a bit about your latest project on show here.

During an artist in residence in Bolzano, Italy I was given the opportunity to work with veneers. The idea was to upcycle waste materials such as offcuts and I decided to look at the way multiplex works. By compressing multiple layers of veneer, I created a similar form as in my paper research. The result is a delicate looking table made of three types of wood which shows every layer its built up from.  

What should people take away after seeing your work?

In my personal work I try and be as honest as possible. I take every opportunity for material experimentation and aim to discover new qualities in materials. You see, materials can be used in many different forms, paper for instance can be a sheet but can also be pulp. I want to show people a new way of approaching materials and new ways of working with them.

How does Milan differ from Dutch Design Week?

Milan is very different, it’s more international.

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