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20134 Milano

With some familiar faces from 2008 and some new names, 20134 Milano is back with a fresh group exhibition. 

Event date: 22-04-2009 to 27-04-2009

By Editor /asdf 07-04-2009

Jack Brandsma, Lambert Kamps, Studio Frank&Lisa, Jenske Dijkhuis and Elmo Vermijs band together to present under the umbrella of '20134 Milano'.

New collection of tables, lamps & barstools by Jack Brandsma. Jack is back in Milano after the succesful ‘SpareSpace & friends’ presentation at Salone 2008. There will also be a small presentation of the SpareSpace project, for the people who missed it last year. One mobile workunit and the new collapsible wall will be presented, completed with a film about the SpareSpace furniture. And look what’s hanging on the building crane!

Studio Frank & Lisa present their mural tapestry ‘Whole lotta Rosie’. Constructed of the waste from printing offices, ‘Whole lotta Rosie’ is their vision on contemporary durability. Beautiful pieces do not have to be expensive when the solutions are creative. Next to ‘Whole lotta Rosie’ Studio Frank & Lisa are also displaying their ‘visual walls’ of their sources of inspiration and their visual chair the MAXXX.

Studio Elmo Vermijs presents a series of objects originiting from the fascination for the recycling of materials, mobility, construction, and detail. The cubic lamp, the closet statue and the bolt-and-nut table are objects on the interface of plastic arts design. The series is inspired by the mobile folk-building-kitchen which was presented during Salone del Mobile 2008 at the same location.

Lambert Kamps presents six new projects amongst which two inflatable tents for in-and outdoor at Salone 2009. On display are also two chairs which function as true factories for their own pillows. An outdoor bar and a non-existent chair will give acte de présence. Closing the line are the Obesitas furniture inspired by the ever fatter growing Western people.

Studio Jenske Dijkhuis is finally coming to Milan! Two brand-new prototypes will be reveiled during Salone 2009, at the Via Ventura: ‘The Baether’ and the ‘ToCan Chair’. The ‘Baether’, a leather bath, originates from the fascination for the beauty and capabilities of real leather. It provides the soothing sensation of skin on skin. The ToCan is a rocking chair derived from playing with the shape of a tin tomato can. Its shape is a fluent curve enlarged to the scale of a piece of furniture. These experiments with material and scale illustrate a love for unexpected and imaginative furniture.

Address:  Via Ventura 6, Lambrate, 20134 Milano
Opening times: 10:00 until 19:00
Press preview: Tuesday 21 April 2009
Time: 15:00
Cocktails: Tuesday 21 April 2009
Time: 19:00

Image: Jack Brandsma
Image: Lambert Kamps

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20134 Milano
Via Ventura 6


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